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The Cheer Guild of Trinity Lutheran Church visits members at the Friendship Manor Nursing Home as well as Skilled Care at Washington County Hospital.  Shut ins are also visited. The purpose of the Cheer Guild is two-fold. Members bring the Word of God to those who cannot attend regular worship services and also let these members know that the congregation thinks about them and continues to care for them.

Traditionally Cheer Guild members have been the women of the congregation, but that has started to change.  We have some men make visits with their wives.  Often when the shut-in is a male, they respond well to visits by other men.  Men are encouraged and welcome to be a part of this ministry.

Recently Pastor Kotila met with members of the Cheer Guild to provide them with helpful hints and inspiration when making visits.

Visitations Suggestions:

Pray before you go and ask for God’s guidance.

Introduce yourself and ask to come in for a visit

Offer to pray with them, if you are uncomfortable with praying aloud, there is nothing better that the Lord’s Prayer to say and pray with them. 

Ask if they would like a hug before you leave, most people miss the physical touch.  Hold their hands or some other touch, pat on the shoulder, etc.

Small talk:  How are you feeling?  Any pain..unless it is obvious.  Any visitors lately?  Look around the room for family pictures, a good topic of conversation

Ask to share a devotion with the.  Read short scripture

Ask if they have any prayer requests and have a prayer with them

Encourage them and close with asking if they have anything they need before you leaveDo they need the Pastor for anything right away? It they reply yes, please be sure to notify the Pastor immediately

Thank them for the visit and let them know you will keep them in your prayer

With shut-ins it is good to call before you go,

A way to pray:   ACTS A=Adoration C=Confession T=Thanksgiving S=Supplication (hear my prayer)

Materials that are available to use:null

Portals of Prayer, available in church

CPH track rack in the hallway

                                                      In Pastor’s Office

Bibles (large print or CDROM)


Catechism (small or large)

Lutheran Book of Prayer

Visitation Devotions

Cheer Guild for October 20th: Carol Woker and Lois Schorfheide