Missions & Outreach


Joyce Elsesser                           314-2322

Kate Cox                                     327-3963

Phyllis Silger                             493-7552

Sue Suedmeyer                          327-3069


Article XXX – Duties of the Board of Missions and Outreach

The Board of Missions and Outreach shall consist of at least three members.

            The members of the Board of Missions and Outreach shall serve for a term of three years, so arranged that the term of no more than half of the number of board members expire in a given year. The board members shall not serve more than two consecutive terms.

            The Board of Missions and Outreach will elect a chairman from amongst themselves. The chairman shall represent or appoint a representative to attend the Church Council meetings.

            The duties of the Board of Missions and Outreach shall be as follows:

To keep the congregation informed of mission opportunities, mission trips or special outreach needs in the community, district and synod.

  • To promote and assist in organizing a mission and outreach Sunday at least annually.

  • To secure and distribute information, brochures, tracts and other suitable materials regarding the Christian faith, congregation and parochial school.

  • To organize lay greeters for worship services.

  • To follow-up on congregational visitors and others seeking a church home.

  • To coordinate assistance for the needy with the local agencies.


  • Mission Sunday was the weekend of February 20-21, 2016 with guest mission Pastor Gary Schulte, planning to serve in West Africa. Pastor Schulte was guest preacher and gave a presentation to the Adult Bible Class, also, outlining what he'll be doing and emphasizing his need for our constant prayers.


    A new member dinner was held on Jan 17, 2016 to honor the new members; John Becker, Marshall Goostree, Pastor, Teresa and Adam Kotila, Jeff Twardowski and Rena Thomas were welcomed into our congregation. 

  • We are looking for volunteers to act as greeters each Sunday and willing participants can contact Cheryl in the Church Office. Pastor will have a brief training class for volunteers.

Pentecost Sunday, May 15, 2016

On Pentecost Sunday, May 15th, “My First Catechism and activity book” was presented to children in attendance at the 10:15 a.m. worship service at Trinity Lutheran Church, Nashville, IL.  Letters announcing the event were mailed to parents of children 8 years of age or turning 8 by September 1, 2016 that had been baptized at Trinity, Nashville.    During the worship service, Pastors Sean Smith and Aaron Kotila invoked God’s blessing on the books prior to calling the children and parents forward to the front of the sanctuary.  These books are available from Concordia Publishing House and are geared for the younger child (ages 6 – 10) with the intended purpose of earlier instruction and involvement of the parents with the teaching and learning of God’s Word found throughout the Catechism.  A fellowship meal sponsored by a Thrivent action team educational grant was hosted by the Missions and Outreach committee and held in the Fellowship Hall immediately following the worship service for the parents and family members.  As the grant application stated, it was the committee’s intention “to use this as a springboard of Christian education in the home by engaging parents in the spiritual education of their children by providing them with the educational resources to teach and learn with them”.

Second Grade recipients of My First Catechisms                   Mission and Outreach and helpers                                 Food and Fellowship

God's family gathering together.