Our Church History         

In the 1880's the population of Nashville grew with people looking for a place to spend their retirement years while others came looking for employment.  This led to an increase in the number of Lutherans living in the area with many of them becoming members of St. Peter's (Hahlen) southwest of the city.   However, many of them found it difficult to attend services regularly and to bring their children regularly to school due to the weather and the roads.

‚ÄúTrinity Lutheran Congregation‚ÄĚ had its origin when occasional services were conducted in our (Washington County) courthouse by Student Katthain of Hoyleton‚Ķand when, in the year 1886, biweekly services were being conducted by Pastor H. Kollmorgen of St. Peter‚Äôs Church, Hahlen, IL.¬† Trinity made its first financial pledge for ‚Äúthe Building of the Kingdom‚ÄĚ on December 6, 1886.¬† On March 3, 1887, a constitution was adopted and signed.¬† In April, 1887, the first officers were elected.¬†

The decision to join the ‚ÄúLutheran Synod of Missouri, Ohio and other states‚ÄĚ (now The Lutheran Church ‚Äď Missouri Synod) came in May 1887.

One of the early decisions was to provide a place of worship as well as a Christian Day School.  January 31, 1887 a building on Troutt and Elm Streets was purchased to serve as a place of worship and a parish school.  May 12, 1901 voters made the decision to build a church.  The new church was dedicate October 19, 1902 and served as the house of worship until a new church was build and dedicated in 1978.

In 1922, a school ‚Äúlarge enough for 100 pupils and having a full basement‚ÄĚ was built and September 2, 1923 was dedicated.¬† In the 1950‚Äôs a decision to enlarge the school was made.¬† On September 6, 1953 an enlarged school was rededicated.¬†

1954 the question arose regarding Trinity‚Äôs official name.¬† In its incorporation in 1888 the name had been ‚ÄúEvangelical Lutheran Trinity Church.‚Ä̬† The name was officially changed to ‚ÄúTrinity Lutheran Congregation, Nashville‚ÄĚ.

In 1975 a committee was appointed by voters to study the condition and structural soundness of the 1902 church building.  Ground breaking for the new church was on June 5, 1977; cornerstone laying was on May 7, 1978 and the new church was dedicated December 10, 1978.  In February 1979, the 1902 church structure and its contents were sold at auction.  Eventually the structure was razed. 

Trinity Congregation‚Äôs History attempts to reflect the substance of God‚Äôs command to us: that of seeking His Kingdom, He uses pastors and people; adults and youth and children; teachers and pupils as the human ‚Äúbuilding blocks‚ÄĚ to help further His Kingdom.¬†¬†¬†¬†

 (All facts taken from Trinity Lutheran Congregation Book 1886-1986 and Washington County Sesquicentennial Book 1818-1968)